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Month: August 2011

New Texas Law Causes Energy Companies to Increase Lawsuits Against Land Owners

According to recent reports, lawsuits by energy companies against south Texas landowners have steadily been on the rise. Sources say the lawsuits have resulted in wake of the energy companies' desire to build more pipelines to keep pace with surging...

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Federal Panel Issues Recommendations to Improve Hydraulic Fracking

According to recent reports, a panel working for the Federal Department of Energy has issued recommendations for improving the safety and curbing the environmental impact of natural gas and oil drilling. Sources say the panel's report is specifically focused on...

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N.Y. Sues Feds Due to Hydraulic Fracking Concerns

According to reports, the United States government will ask a federal judge to dismiss a New York lawsuit that seeks to force a comprehensive review of how natural gas extraction might affect the 9 million residents of the state. Sources...

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Parties Settle for $750K Over Vidor Truck Collision

Sources say a driver who claimed that a collision with a tractor-trailerresulted in a back surgery agreed to a $750,000 settlement. In 2010, Randy Allen, then 54, collided with an IWS Gas & Supply of Texas truck on a feeder...

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